Brooke and Amy met five years ago at a local transgender support group. Though they felt drawn to each other, they didn’t get to know or talk to each other for over a year. One day after a group meeting several members went to a local bar for food and spirits and sat outside in the patio area. Amy was so cold she was shaking, so Brooke  suggested she warm her up  by sitting on her lap. To Brooke's surprise, Amy accepted. As they touched, an undeniable energy drew them even closer together. Over the next year, they began to fall in love.

Brooke & amy

This past September marked their three-year anniversary. Not knowing what the future will hold, these two live in the moment, supporting each other in all aspects of life. Both raised in traditional conservative Catholic families, Brooke and Amy do not carry on that faith. Brooke is deeply spiritual and considers her beliefs to be unique to herself and relates it to shamanism mixed with other things. 

Amy is a software architect, who has been developing innovative applications for the past 20 years. Brooke volunteers heavily as an Activist in the LGBT Community and works in the tech industry as well doing marketing and business development.